Water Hardness

Water hardness

Health harmless, BUT VERY VERY COSTLY.  Both city and well water have it. It makes your life much more difficult in so many ways. Most people have gotten accustom to using hard water. They think all the problems hardness creates are normal. It’s Not!

It's Not Normal

Water hardness nickels and dimes you to death each day. Its just become a way of life to spend and waste so much money on cleaning, health care and laundry products that just combat the symptoms of hard water.  Yes its only $5.00 here and $10.00 dollars there spent on cleaning products, laundry products, health care products, but it adds up into thousands upon thousands. When you calculate all the time involved in using all those products, your exposure to harsh cleaning products and the time to use them, and land fill issues, it’s financially, environmentally and health wise illogical to continue to keep treating the symptoms when you can permanently fix the problem forever.

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Water Hardness solidified inside coils of hot water system
Water Hardness prevents clothing from optimal cleaning
Hard Water dry skin
Water hardness causes dry skin and other skin problems.

Water Filter Solutions

Other common effects of Hardness are dry skin, lifeless dull hair, dingy clothes, stiff towels, spots on shower doors, dishes, cars, soap scum residue in tubs, etc. Think of all the money you’ve spent over time buying products to combat just these problems.  Hardness is always immediately forming an ever increasing buildup inside water heating apparatus. That buildup is shortening your appliances life.  Cleaning might be able to wash away the visual symptom’s but you are not fixing the problem, just treating symptoms to you gotta pay to fix the symptoms again.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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