The Truth about filtering Lead

Don’t buy any Lead filter unless you test first and you know the exact lead levels and source or sources of where your lead is originating from. If you don’t know that…you have absolutely no idea which of the two lead filters to buy. Think of it this way. If you are sick…Would you what the doctor to prescribe medication without testing and knowing what the problem is? Well it’s the same with us, and it’s you who risks everything, if you don’t have that test information.

Filter Choices

POU (point of use) filters are for drinking water. They only filter lead out of the water at one point in your home…usually at the kitchen sink where you consume the most water.  Most times your refrigerator can also be hooked up to it so one filter can supply protection to two places. Good POE systems produce flow rates slower than what comes out of your regular faucet…so the best installation method is to install a separate faucet, next to your regular faucet, on your sink.  When you want filtered water, you open that special drinking water faucet. If you install directly on the water line that feeds the cold-water faucet then every time you open up your cold-water faucet to temper your hot water or to just wash something…you get restrict flow rates, waste filtered water and shorten your filters life. 

POE filters, filter water for your entire home. They ONLY filter out LEAD coming from the old pipes outside your home. They do not solve LEAD coming from places INSIDE YOUR HOME. Even though you have whole house protection you still could have a serious LEAD issue at one point inside your home.

There Are NO Safe Levels of Lead!

We are here to help you.

LEAD in your water is nothing to fool around with. THE DAMAGE IS PERMANENT

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Lead Testing

You need to get a licensed certified lab to come to your home and take samples. Have them take one as close to where the water enters your home. This will determine if your LEAD is coming from the pipes outside your home. You also need to get tests done at “all” faucets in your home. That tells you if and where and in what amounts your homes PLUMBING is also producing LEAD.  THIS IS THE REAL INFORMATION YOU WILL NEED … “TO KNOW”…. to know which filter you require. Maybe you need both.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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