Meet Scooter

Company Mascot

Even though Scooter was only a puppy…it only took Scooter a few months to train us properly. Scooter came with Alice and I everywhere, including work. His job was people greeter and he did it with such gentle enthusiasm, he became a regular fixture at work and then company mascot. One day Scooter was rolling around in a blanket and was full of static electricity. I took his picture, (top left) he looked god awful…but it was funny. We came up with the slogan “got bad water?” and combined picture with slogan. We lovingly put Scooters picture into our trade show display both and it stuck. We spent years and thousands promoting the Water Filter Company name which has now been reduced to “hey are you the company with the funny dog”?..and we do not mind one bit.

Through out life, Scooter was very ill but you’d never know it. He got the very best of vet and personal care…especially from Alice and I. He lived an incredibly full life and taught us how to do the same despite all his problems. It’s impossible to describe what Scooter brought to ours and others lives, unless you shared daily life with Scooter. What an intelligent, comical, lovable character he was. One day, Scooters illnesses all took their final toll and at the age of 13, Scooter died with us by his side. If you have never experienced the unconditional love of a dog…then you have missed so much that love can be.

Is Your Water Brown?

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The Water Filter Company
scooter mascot Water Filter Company

Pets Need Clean Water Too!

Not only is it important to have clean drinking and bathing water for yourself, it is also important for your four legged friends as well!

Studies show pets actually drink more water when it is fresh, clean and odor free.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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