Do you have PH problems?

pH problems are mostly identified when you see faint green to heavy dark green to blue stains on fixtures or when you start getting leaks. It’s usually due to low pH, or acidic water which are the same. It could also be electrolysis or road salt issues. The visible stains means that your water is dissolving and rotting all metal plumbing items that it contacts. Eventually things will fail prematurely or leaks will start and water damage will occur and “repair costs” will nickel and dime you to death. From faucets to boilers to hot water tanks to pipes eventually its all going to get destroyed and you have to pay to fix or replace perfectly good equipment that you just let rot away. Worse is that you are drinking, and adsorbing into your skin, these dissolved metals during showering.

Plastic Pipes are the solution!

Changing to the new plastic pipes makes people think they saved their pipes and they did, but that is about all it solves! Acidic water will still rot boilers, hot water tanks, faucets as nobody makes these in plastic. Worse is that you are still drinking water unfit to drink. The smart way to solve this is to correct the water condition forever! 

Do you see greenish blue stains?

We can help!

replacing plastic pipes is not the answer!

The Water Filter Company
Rotten, failed hot water tanks.
Faucet destroyed by acidic water.
Stains from low PH

Equipment Used

There are two common types of equipment available to correct this water problem. One requires the injection of soda ash or pot ash and the other uses granular media. Both have positives and negatives. Which one is right for your individual application is going to be determined during our conversation as all information is presented to yo

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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