How Water Filter Company Does Service

Do you remember that James Bond theme song “nobody does it better. makes me feel bad for the rest. nobody does it half as good as you…baby your the best…… Well that’s us. First off, our service staff are all WQA certified service technicians with one newer employee in training to earn his benchmark status from WQA (water quality association) This is who arrives at your home…trained employees. (If you are not using our company, maybe you should question who is servicing your system.)

Secondly… During our whole house system service … we exchange the old tank with a fresh one. Quick, easy and very clean service. We take away your used one along with all its entrapped contamination’s…and leave you with a fresh, sterilized tank filled with brand new filter media.

We will not perform unsanitary service in your yard, make a on site mess, dump old spend filter media in your back yard, not sterilize your tank or WORSE just pour in new media on top of your old used media. WE DO IT RIGHT. ( sing “nobody does it better” here)

Performing proper service to either our whole house systems or drinking water systems insures you enjoy the highest levels of filtered water. Did you know that your whole house system also helps keep boilers and hot water tanks working at peak efficiency, keeps their energy costs low, helps prevent premature plumbing equipment failure in your home and costly plumbing repairs. Our service insures your water is working with you instead of against you. That is why we automatically notify our customers when service should be performed.

We service everything we sell. We do not sub contract out our service work. You get trained WFC service employees. When you are our customer you are part of our family and not a account number. Over the years of being our customer Our “certified service techs” personally get to know “YOU’ plus all the changing quirks of your water usage and water quality conditions. Most likely you’ll see the same tech each time at your home.

Assisting In

Filter System Design

Install Filter Systems

Trouble Shooting Problems

Repair Systems

Build Filter Systems

Service Systems


If you want us to service to non WFC equipment its usually because you are not happy with…
(a) how your system is working.
(b) with the company/people performing service.
(c) their service fees.
(d) they can’t or won’t service it either.
then call us …We’ll see what we can do to fix it.  Just understand there many reasons why we can’t properly service other’s equipment … but whether we can or can’t we won’t lie to you.   If we determine its not in your best interests to try to repair or service your stuff….then we’ll explain why, ask you to become our customer and end your problems.  
Then you can sing “NOBODY DOES IT BETTER” too.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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