Water Softeners


Two totally different types of filtration processes for Hardness.  One does not replace the other.  Which one is right for you will depend upon your individual water chemistry and individual set of circumstances.  Both have benefits and negatives but when you get the right one…it will make a substantial improvement to your water quality. 

Salt Softeners

Traditional softeners are still a great filtration solution.  Softeners that use salt can solve several water quality problems all at once. For example they can remove Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese Beryllium Uranium etc. They work by “permanently removing” the bad water ions that are causing your problem and exchange them with a small amount of salt. Hence the term ion exchange. The amount of salt introduced into the water is in direct proportion to the amount of Ions being removed…so in many cases the salt in your water is negligible.   Eventually they need to backwash with salt to recharge themselves. The salt does not soften the water it just the fuel to make it work.  Soft water actually feels silky and different than unfiltered water you are used to now and most love that feeling and some people don’t. For those who don’t, we can adjust our softness levels on our softeners. Salt softeners need to backwash to rejuvenate themselves and that uses water and salt. The big thing to remember is this….A traditional salt based softener permanently removes the stuff you are having a problem with.  

No Salt Softeners

Our new E3 No Salt Softeners are also a great choice. They work totally different from a traditional softener. They do not backwash and waste water. They need no salt or resetting of time or electricity to run. They do not add anything to your water. They also do not remove anything. No salt softeners do “not remove hardness” and can only address hardness. For lack of a better way to explain this I will use this explanation. No salt softeners … stun or suspend hardness so it cannot form or stick to piping or plumbing or you. The water feels like it does now … but when cleaning or bathing it does make you feel cleaner and react like its gone. The cool thing about these no salt systems, as we are told, is that they “slowly” and eventually dissolve already formed scale inside your plumbing….softeners do not. This is good and bad. Bad because as your new water runs through your fouled existing pipes so you can easily get hardness residue in your water, especially when boiling water…but its not from the system. Good because over time it will clean out the plumbing…and that is a terrific thing. 

Which is best for your home?

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Which ever you chose you will have made a substantial improvement to your water quality.  You need to know which is right for you and we will guide you when you call.   

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?