E3 Water Conditioning

E3 Water Conditioning

The “E” stands for environmentally friendly, and 3 represents our 3 different E systems, which allow us to fix a wide range of water problems. Both our “Traditional” and “E3” systems have preferred applications. Your water test and application will determine which is best for your situation, as each technology has its own unique  filtration benefits.

The Big News is this

Until now, traditional back-washing systems were the only choice; now, homeowners have two choices. Because there was only one choice, many people settled for salt-based softeners and other back-washing filtration processes … BUT NOT ANYMORE. Our new E3 systems mean people will never need to buy, haul and use salt again, nor incur the costs of wasted water or electricity. That alone is reason to learn if you can switch. 

WE SELL BOTH TYPES — so you have a choice.

The Even bigger new is this

These systems are not only perfect for well water, but also ideal for city water, because they waste no expensive water with back-washing and will most definitely improve your water quality, protecting your health and home.



Our E3 systems can efficiently solve a variety of whole-house water quality problems.

For example, lead, arsenic 3 & 5, radon, hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg smell), iron, manganese, iron bacteria, uranium, antimony, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, hardness, chlorine, pH, VOC’s, PFOA & PFOS, taste, odor, color, etc.  all can be eliminated with a whole-house system. Ask about our scale medic, alumasorb and apam3 systems.

They are pretty much self-operating systems.
Service frequencies and schedules are determined by how much water you use and how bad the water is . . . just like traditional systems.


There is no exchange process, so unlike traditional systems, there is no salt imparted into the water. They do not rely upon any chemicals to clean themselves nor any to be added to the water, so that risk is eliminated also.

Both traditional systems and our new E3 system have their proper applications. Both are formidable filtration systems designed to properly solve your water quality problems. Which one is right for you will be totally dependent upon your water test results and your intended application. 

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E3 Benifits

NO BACK-WASHING so there is no wasted water or issues as to where to discharge back-washing water.

NO SALT NEEDED to address hardness problems.  All salt concerns and costs are gone.

NO RESETTING THE TIME because none of our systems need a control valve.

NO CONTROL VALVE TO BREAK or SERVICE because there is none.

NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED because none of our systems need an electric or even a non-electric control valve to function.

NO CUSTOMER ATTENTION as they require absolutely no homeowner work to operate or monitor.

NO CLEAN WATER INTERRUPTION.  They do not go off-line to back-wash, which allows unfiltered water to by pass the system if you use water during this process.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?