Water Filter Company is a complete 1 stop family business

WATER FILTER COMPANY is a complete 1 stop family business.  We carry pretty much everything your water quality could need.  Send us your test results and we’ll call you with a solution.  Our SHOWROOM provides a place for you to physically experience a variety of different filter solutions…before you buy…. Solutions that will solve your water quality problems right the very first time and for years to come.   Our product scope is wide…from simple replacement cartridge systems to drinking water systems to whole house systems to desalination of sea water, we have it all.   We also have Well tanks and their accessories also.  Our WAREHOUSE is always stocked.  Very seldom do we choose to obsolete anything we carry.  Our full time SERVICE STAFF, OFFICE PERSONNEL and SALES STAFF have been with us for many many years.   In speaking with us you will realize that our wealth of knowledge and HANDS ON experience far exceeds our competition. 

Our customers are remembered by name.  Not by account number.  Real people answer the phones.  We treat people as we would like to be treated… with respect and in person.  In today’s impersonal electronic business environment, we are told constantly that our warm old fashion way of conducting business is very refreshing.  This is the way we’ve always chosen to run our family business.  This is the way it will remain.  Our customers are people, not account numbers and dollar signs.

warehouse Water Filter Company

Water Filter Company Products

Aqua Source

Did you that know since 1990 we have been custom assembling each and every whole house “AQUA SOURCE” system to “match” each customer’s individual usage and filtration conditions.  We do not sell one size fits all systems that are usually forced to fit into each individual application.   HENCE OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY ON EVER WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEM WE BUILD FOR OUR CUSTOMERS.

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UNI-FLO systems are adsorption systems. They do not require electricity or salt. They do not backwash.  They efficiently filter out and hold on to harmful absorbable contaminations.  Just perfect for whole house city water as they do not increase your water bill by backwashing. 

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E3 Water Conditioning

E3 stands for our new “E”nvironmentally friendly.  3 represents our 3 different E system, which give us a wide range of city and well water problems we can fix. They require no electricity, no backwashing, no salt and no control vales or time to reset.  Because of this they have absolutely no Impact on the environment.

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Well Tanks

The most overlooked and abused part of your well water distribution system.  They start to malfunction slowly and have tremendous impact as they do.  If you need a new one…we have them. 

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Water Softeners

Two totally different types of filtration processes for Hardness.  Traditional and E-3.  One does not replace the other.  Which one is right for you will depend upon your individual water chemistry and individual set of circumstances. 

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Whole House Filters

We have two types. Traditional and our new E3 systems.  There is a wide range of filtration abilities under this category, from eliminating Iron, manganese, hardness, Ph adjustment, rotten egg smell, adsorbing chemicals, bacteria to simple replaceable cartridge systems. Once again Individual usage circumstances and test results will determine which is right for you.  

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Nothing is more Important than knowing you have freshly purified water for consumption right at your kitchen sink.  Forget about worrying If your well or city water is always safe.  Know it is 24/7/365.  “You save a ton of money over your lifetime eliminating the cost of bottled water too”.

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Our customers are remembered by name.  Not by account number.  Real people answer the phones.  We treat people as we would like to be treated.  In person.   In todays electronic impersonal business environment, we are told constantly that our way of conducting business is very refreshing.  This is way we’ve always chosen to run our family business.  This is how it will remain.

Common Water Problems

Listed below are just a few common water problems, symptoms and complaints we solve.
  • Brown stains
  • Green stains
  • Rotten egg smell
  • Blue stains
  • Rust problems
  • White deposits
  • Chlorine smell and taste
  • Foul odors
  • Hard water
  • Bacteria
  • Cloudy water
  • Salty water
  • Low pH
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Hardness
  • Radon                
  • Chlorine            
  • Lead                    
  • Bacteria              
  • Arsenic    
  • Flouride  
  • Salty water         
  • Nitrates                
  • Turbid water
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
  • White deposits
  • Spots on shower doors
  • Soap scum in bathtub
  • Dingy laundry
  • Dry Skin, dull hair
  • Itchy skin
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Green pipes
  • Can’t get enough hot water
  • Clogged boiler
  • Buying bottled water
  • Fouled heating elements
  • Bad taste or smell


Water is “thee” most important substance…Period. Your water, in your home, keeps everything alive and operating healthy at peak performance….Including you. Unfiltered water doesn’t.   We take our responsibility very seriously. At water filter company we know and do provide our customers with a much higher levels of professionalism…Because you have a lot riding on it. Your water affects you the same way it affects us at our home. 

There is only one “Filtration” company in R.I. that has voluntarily earned WQA certifications and that company is us.  Those certifications insure you are dealing with educated trained professionals. 

If you value our good old fashion honest guidance, square dealings, reputable service, great products, knowledgeable staff and fair prices….Then you’ll literally have found the company that you want to place your trust and water quality with…for life.

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