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As WQA water experts, we will offer you solutions to improve your water quality that will ensure you enjoy the same water quality that we do in our own homes. 

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You need it….we got it!.  From whole house and drinking water systems for city and well water to simple replaceable cartridge systems and accessories.

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Services from Water Filter Company Rhode Island


We do it all.  Free initial consultations, testing, we design your system, custom assemble your system, install your system and service your system, all performed in house by our licensed, WQA certified staff.  We don’t sub out services.    

The Water Filter Consultations


Every situation is unique. We don’t sell one size fits all. Our licensed, certified water filtration experts will provide you with a recommendation tailored to your individual needs.

Importance of Quality Drinking Water

The EPA says there are “acceptable” levels of contaminants allowed in your water, but would you eat food that was “acceptably” contaminated?  If you would not allow your kids to eat contaminated food, how can you justify allowing them to drink and use acceptably contaminated water? Would you allow them to bathe in it? What will years of exposure to these contaminants do to their health, and to yours?  Don’t take that risk.  Control your own water quality and KNOW IT’S SAFE.

Benefits of Whole House Filtration Systems


When you take control of your own water quality through filtration, the only thing you’ll lose is the daily expense and risk of unfiltered water.


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Unmatched LIFETIME Warranty

Our Aqua Source products come with a lifetime warranty, which reflects the confidence our company has in our products. You can rest assured that your Water Filter Company system will provide a lifetime of protection and peace of mind. 

Made In The U.S.A.

All of our products… bar one made in England… have always been made in the USA. We never have and never will sell out our country by buying and selling cheaper foreign products that take USA dollars and jobs out of this country.

Customer testimonials

Don't just take our word...

  • You spent close to a full hour by phone, walking me through getting my system operational again. I did not buy it from you, and you got nothing out of it except me as a customer when money is not so tight. Thank you. So that you will know…The original dealer only wanted to sell me a new filter system. Everyone else I called refused help because it was not theirs. It wasn’t yours either, but you helped. We are extremely grateful.

    F. Bisset Jr.
  • Just had our whole house system installed last week, including a kitchen sink under-mount filter specifically for drinking water. The process was completely customer oriented from start to finish, and beyond. Because of current conditions put on businesses, Steve, the owner no less, came and picked up a water sample from the house, and then after some emails, picture transfers via email, and phone discussions, we were hooked!

    The install process was scheduled with a very short turn-around time and went seamlessly. The installer called ahead of time, showed up on time, and exercised all protocols, ensuring our safety in the home as he did the installation. Once completed, he walked us through the things we needed to understand about the system. (remarkably-very little, it runs itself with no worries on the homeowner’s side) Install took about 2 hours tops, and we were up and running in no time. I wish we hadn’t put this purchase off for so many years as it is incredibly affordable and gives great peace of mind, especially given all we each have to worry about in the current climate. Steve followed up with us to make sure we were happy, and for sure, we are.

    If you want a consumer-friendly water filter company to do business with, pick Water Filer Co. of RI-you will not be disappointed. We raise a glass of fresh, clean drinking water to the whole staff. Cheers!

    R. Angell III
  • Steve, I Don’t give out compliments easily, but you earned this one. For years I’ve been having lots of problems with the other company. My water has been terrible, and they’re always sending out new employees. Nobody knows my history. I was paying lots of money for nothing. Got frustrated, figured I’d try water filter company. They came. Frankly, I was expecting the same. I didn’t get it. What a breath of fresh air these guys are. Professional all the way, knowledgeable, R.I. licensed, and WQA certified. They spent time evaluating water quality then about 20 minutes dismantling and evaluating the current system and found it had the wrong internals and internals were clogged. They went to the truck and replaced them on the spot. Cost $78.00 for parts plus $125. Labor call. They said it should work better now, and they left asking for nothing more but a call in three weeks. I waited for three weeks. The system worked flawlessly. I called to thank them and asked about the differences between my equipment and theirs. Vastly different… so I bought theirs. An amazing system. Virtually plugin and play. Better water pressure. Full lifetime warranty too. Wow … you don’t see this type of company anymore.

    K. Jarek
  • I was shocked to see you replace your entire system in question without us even asking. We thought we were going to get the typical run around involving months or returns to adjust and fix. Your lifetime warranty is real. You did just what you said you would do. Waters great now. Customers for life.

    Terry & Bill H.
  • Steve, I have to compliment your company. You just don’t encounter professionalism on your level very much anymore.

    William F.
  • We want to extend our appreciation to you and the Water Filter Company. We are delighted with both the product and the service we received. From scheduling through installation and follow-up, the Water Filter Company was very professional and delivered as promised. Thanks for ensuring the safety of our drinking water.

    R. Thompson
  • I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you at the WFC for your concern and caring for my bad water problem. The professional manner in which my situation was treated, your kindness to me, and quick response to my call was first class. Scott was accommodating, and I am now enjoying good water!

    D. Anderson
  • After I met with Steve, it took me 2 years until his recommendations sunk in. Now my water is excellent throughout the entire home. I also got the drinking water system, and I am saving my back and legs, not carrying 6-gallon jugs of bottled water up the stairs. I love it. Life is good now.

    M. Lonneman
  • The moment Phil, the installer, was finished with the water test after he installed a whole house water filtration and softening system in our home, the results were immediate; crystal clear, silky smooth, clean-rinsing, the way mother earth intended it to be, water was now available to my family and me on demand. The appliances that consume water are no longer being damaged by the hard water that was only available previously. I cannot say enough about this system, Steve, the owner, and Phil, our installer, who scheduled his install around my 9-month-old son’s nap schedule.

    I spent a considerable amount of time researching and comparing the many whole house water filtration options available. I am delighted I decided on Water Filter Company to provide this solution for me. If you are looking for a company that will address your individual water needs and then follow up yearly to ensure that nothing in the environment has changed, call the Water Filter Company. If you are looking for a company to make you promises and sell you special soaps and fill your basement with a bunch of filters, call the other guys.

    A. Muccino
  • My family is quite pleased with the softening system that Water Filter Company installed in our new home. We were moving from city water to well water. We recommended the most cost-effective system (we know this because we got estimates from several firms). After agreeing on a system, Steve and Scott were there every step of the way and worked with our design-build firm to make sure that everything worked properly when we moved in.

    We highly recommend the Water Filter Company. We were pleasantly surprised by how much better our water quality could be. I do not think we would ever again want to live in a home without unfiltered water.

    C. Jenner
  • Purchasing your 1st home is just as stressful as everyone talks about, and unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. A week into renovating my new home, my well system went down the tubes, and it was time for a new one. Another vendor installed the original system, so I put in a call to them. They sent out a water specialist and came up with a quote. Not only was I talked down to and insulted for being a young homeowner, but I was given a price of $1,500 over what other well companies were quoting me. Their water specialist was nothing short of rude and unprofessional. Calling Water Filter Company was the best decision I could have made. Steve, the owner, was not only extremely knowledgeable in his profession but also very hospitable and honest. He quoted me a very fair price and delivered in a very manageable time frame. His employees Scott, and Jeremy, were incredible. Jeremy delivered an extremely neat product and was very knowledgeable on instructing me on how to use the system. I would recommend Water Filter Company to anyone and will continue to use them for service and future installations. Thank you.

    D. Capozzoli
  • I have been using this company now for 20 years plus. I recently moved and needed equipment at my new location. I decided to try and quote their competitors, but after that little experience, it was an easy decision to give Water Filter Company my business. They are very reasonable with their pricing. You don’t have to deal with a “horse & pony” show when speaking with their sales staff. I dealt with Scott, who was very professional, prompt, and was able to answer my questions and concerns I had. You won’t regret your choice if you choose this company—a very satisfied customer.

    M. Monkfry
  • The staff is fantastic. They will go out of your way to help you with any kind of a water quality problem. You won’t regret your decision to go with them!

    L. Meschino
  • I’ve had their whole house system for two years now, and the water has been great. The couple times I have had a problem, they’ve been helpful (once able to resolve it over the phone, once they sent out a technician at no charge). Absolutely no hassle getting them to honor the warranty.

    J. Place
  • My wife and I are very satisfied with our installation. We have seen a humongous improvement in the water taste and overall quality. We recently bought a house, and as soon as we moved in, we had another company come out and do some work (we didn’t hire them it was the sellers who did), and whatever they did was not right. So we called The Water Filter Company up, and they came out, and they were sincere, professional, and told us what we needed to do. The problem was solved immediately!

    M. Croce
  • My daughter, who has a whole house water filter system, referred me to your company. Our system is working well. I have no complaints!

    A. Balboni
  • Great company. The product changes your life.

    J. DePetro
  • Steve owns a company that is trustworthy, has great service and products that are unparalleled in the industry. Very happy as a customer.

    F. Maher
  • I love my water now. Skin is no longer dry, and my hair is shiny again!

    Karen R.
  • We can’t believe our god-awful toxic Newport water could be this good. Thank you.

    Erica & Josh H.
  • I must tell you I interviewed two of the big franchise companies after you came by—what a waste of time. You guys know your stuff. Glad I went with you.

    Kevin M.
  • Scott & Phil are very professional. The best work done in my home for a long time. Kudos.

    Phil G.
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