Water Testing

How to Test your water

To us a water test is our blueprint, from which we can read and determine what filtration system you need. There are a few ways to get your water tested.

Testing water at a lab

Labs have very expensive and well-maintained testing equipment. They offer different priced comprehensive testing package plans. These tests accurately identify a wide variety of contamination’s. It’s great to get at least one big test like this, because not only do you get accurate results but you establish a bench mark to determine future fluctuations…if any…in your water. We recommend using BAL labs at 785-0241.  (Get 10% off any package plan by mentioning water filter company name WHEN YOU 1st CALL)    Bal labs will come to your home and fill the test bottles.   Please request they email a copy of your results to us also.   On well water you should test every 3 years.  City water mails results to you BUT its hard to understand and limited in scope of whats being tested for.  Its usually just focused on the quality of water as it leaves the treatment plant.   It does not reflect the quality of water inside your home after traveling through miles of underground pipes to your faucet.  You should get a test done on the water inside your home. 

Is Your Water Brown?

We can help!

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The Water Filter Company

5 Parameter Water Testing With Us

Most customer call us with focused problems like Brown stains, Green stains, Rotten egg smell, Chlorine, Hard water, Dingy laundry, Dry skin, Leaking pipes, Rotted boilers or hot water heaters, Bad taste, etc.   In focused situations like these, you most often do not need a comprehensive lab test. If you reside within our service area…when you want to buy a system from us, for specific problems like these, we will perform our free 5 parameter test which will provide accurate results suitable for filtration recommendations. There could be occasions where our testing proves we need to investigate further and then use BAL labs.  Many times our FREE evaluation will also include inspection of other overlooked components of your water distribution system. If these are not working properly…neither will your new water filtration system.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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