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Solving Radon In Water

Radon Mitigation Water filter rhode IslandRadon causes lung cancer…especially if your smoke. SOLVING Radon in water is different than solving radon in air.  Removing radon from water is a water chemistry problem, removing radon from air is ventilation problem not a water chemistry problem. The two are very different. Water radon systems either bubble the water (aeration) or collect radon to carbon (adsorption). When you bubble the water, you change the composition of other contamination’s in the water. When you adsorb radon gas you also effect water chemistry. On either, other water chemistry problems, can and will have a substantial effect on how efficient the water radon system operates.   You may need to solve other water quality problems first.  Then there are other related filtration processes, gpm rates, water pressure, plumbing and service schedule issues to consider. You need to know and understand the water quality by-products of how solving water radon effects your water quality, your existing water treatment system if you have one, and the very radon filtration system itself.

Virtually all “air radon specialists” are not water filtration companies licensed to do water RADON systems. They have little skill in water chemistry, water filtration and plumbing and most will assure you that because they do air, they can do water.  This is why you need a licensed water professional to properly solve radon gas in water…and this is why we do not do air radon work … its not our field of expertise.

Radon Mitigation Water filter rhode Island

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Removing Radon from water is a chemistry problem!

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