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Whole House Systems since 1990

Did you that know since 1990 we have been custom assembling each and every whole house “AQUA SOURCE” system to match your individual usage and filtration conditions? From traditional drinking water systems and traditional whole-house systems that back-wash, need electricity, etc., to our NEW E3 systems that do not need electricity, or salt or back-washing, we can solve just about any water quality problem. Just call us and lets discuss your needs. 

p.s. When you speak with us, you’ll be speaking with a “CERTIFIED QUALIFIED STAFF” member who not only knows filtration, but can also provide you with easy-to-understand solutions.

WATER FILTER COMPANY staff also work on, and with, all types of filters. 


AQUA SOURCE is our brand name.  We custom assemble each and every system to MATCH, as closely as possible, your individual usage and filtration requirements.  We been doing this for over 30 years.  AQUA SOURCE is our brand name for BOTH our TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS and new E3 ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS. While everyone else is ordering one-size-fits-all equipment . . . we aren’t . . . and we back our equipment with a full LIFETIME PARTS WARRANTY.


Traditional softeners, E3 no-salt softeners, back-washing and NON-back-washing  iron filters,  manganese filters, carbon filters, pH correction . . . granular and liquid,    rotten egg smell elimination, non-toxic oxidation HP and air injection systems chlorine injection, ultraviolet light, no chemical injection, no-electricity bacteria elimination systems, whole-house reverse osmosis systems.

Bubble up radon and adsorption radon systems, etc.


Absolute rated sub micron and reverse osmosis Replaceable cartridge filters, Refrigerator filters, Specialty cartridges, Camping filters, boat filters, filter media.

We also replace WELL TANKS, ETC.

Is Your Water Brown?

We can help!


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Why our method is better

Because every water quality problem and everyone’s water usage requirements are different.    Shouldn’t your filtration system be too?   We learned many years ago that the still common one size fits all solution for each customers variables, was not the best value for our customers in initial cost, ongoing cost of operation, consistency to water quality produced, service schedules etc,.    So we started to custom assemble every system to match as closely as possible the individual needs of each customer.   The result is a system that is addressing every area of concern and cost by closely matching its ongoing daily cost of operations and daily performance to exactly how you use water.  The common one size fits all just cannot come close to our performance.      


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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?