Hydrogen Sulfide

What is Hydrogen Sulfide Gas HS2

If you have it, boy you’ll know it … as it smells like rotten eggs and can get so bad that it will drive you out of your home. Even a small amount is putrid. It’s common for the smell to occur at just one faucet or just from the hot water side. You water looks clear, but boy does it smell. If allowed to oxidize your water will be black or you’ll see occasional black specs or a grey/black color to your water. If you have this gas, when we cut your pipes to install your Hydrogen Sulfide gas system, you’ll usually find a nice black oily film coating the inside of your pipes.

Traits of Hs2

H2S gas is flammable, toxic and corrosive. If you wash silver ware in it..it will be ruined. In my opinion, if for nothing else but the objectionable smell, its nothing to fool around with and should be corrected.

H2S gas is colorless and usually as it builds you start to see dark grey to black residue. Filters like in the photo above will turn black. That black is a oily sticky residue that collects inside pipes and water heating apparatus and just build and builds. Ironically it does not accumulate much at all in places you can see, for example toilet bowls, because once exposed to air its released into the air. Hence the terrible smell.

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Eliminating H2S

There are several ways to eliminate H2S gas. We can offer the right way to solve your H2S gas problem and since its usually accompanied by Iron and Manganese we can solve those too with the same unit.  We always try to use natural non-toxic filtration solutions and avoid systems that rely upon injecting chemicals into the water like chlorine or potassium permanganate etc.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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