Well Tanks

What Does my Well Water Well Tank do?

EVERYTHING. and it’s always ignored, abused and destroyed by you.

Your well tank….

  1. Turns your well pump on and off, which is how you get water.
  2.  Controls your water pressure
  3. Stores and dispenses water for daily use, and supplies water reserves during power outage periods.
  4. Affects electrical costs to run well pump
  5. and suddenly breaks leaving you with out water or blowing your well pump.

This is the most critical yet overlooked piece of equipment in people’s homes who have well water.

Well tanks go bad gradually.  Usually when you see a tank that looks like the middle picture, it needs replacement.  The top-left picture shows buildup clogging the inside of the tank’s fill pipe and the water storage inside of the well tank looks the same. In this buildup is what you are storing your water in.  Yummy.


  1. Destroy and ruin your well pump
  2. Increase your electric bill
  3. Suddenly leave you without water.
  4. Ruin your water treatment system.
  5. Create odors or unsanitary water conditions.

The right-side cutaway pic shows what the inside of ALL well tanks look like. The black lower cutaway is the rubber bladder, which stores your water inside it. The middle cutaway is where the bladder expands up and down when filling and deflating with water. The top cutaway stores air, which puts pressure against the bladder when it fills, which controls and regulates water pressure.

NOTE:  Bladders fail. That allows water to get into the unsanitary part of the well tank.  That trapped unsanitary water can easily get into drawn back into your drinking water . . . and you’ll never know it’s leaking internally.  

If you have not checked your well tank lately, give us a call and let us do so! 

Do you have an old water well?

Remember they can go bad over time!

Nothing, including you, operates well without good safe clean water

The Water Filter Company
Well tank failure due to Iron clogged inlet.
well tank
Signs well tank is failing.
Cut-out side view of water tank internals.

Some easier tell-tale signs

1. Rotted or stuck psi gauge.
2. Low or fluctuating water pressure.
3. Monthly electric bills creeping higher.
4. on/off quickly cycling of your well pump.
5. Malfunctioning well switches.
6. Water odors.
7. Black mold on tank.
8. Corroding or leaking well tank components.
9. Air in water.

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Are you ready to make a one time investment for a lifetime of clean water?
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